5 Riverside Towers was constructed as a privately owned apartment building in 1969 with first residents moving in during 1970.  In 1982 ownership was incorporated and converted to a cooperative.

The Towers is an eleven story building with 116 
(1 - 2 - 3 bedroom) apartments on approximately 2.5 acres.

                              RECENT RENOVATION HISTORY

2007        energy saving lighting installed in common areas

2008        heating and hot water boilers replaced
                 air conditioning chiller replaced
                 all apartment windows replaced
                 security enhanced with additional outside cameras
                 wi-fi installed

2009        fire alarm panel updated
                 increased lighting in parking areas
                 building exterior cleaned
                 replaced railings and doors to upper patio
                 parking lot resurfaced
                 elevator cables replaced at no cost

2010        main water pipes and valves replaced
                electrical distribution main circuit breakers replaced

2011        balcony restoration

2012        bathroom exhaust vents and duct worked cleaned
                light sensors installed in the extended garage
                lobby restrooms upgraded

2013        new hallway air handlers installed
                pool mural
                concrete work on the lower level patio area

2014        new floor lower level area
                upgraded exercise equipment for the fitness area
                landscaped front lawn to reduce storm water

2015        LED light bulb conversion for entire building
                paved entire parking lot
                new landscaping of rear parking area
                installed 34 new HVAC units in 30 apartments

2016        installed new ceiling & lights in lobby area
                A/C chiller computer upgrade completed
                installed 34 new HVAC units in 32 apartments

2017        New automatic door openers installed
                Fiber Optic upgrade to all floors
                Installed 44 new HVAC units in 38 apartments
                                UNDER CONSTRUCTION   
                Installation of new  HVAC units in all apartments 
                Swimming pool and extended garage roof replacements

5 Riverside Towers has worked diligently to ensure that the building and all equipment are in good working condition.
An Engineer's Report certifies and confirms the completion of major improvements to the facilities. A Capitol Reserve Fund is maintained to cover costs and minimize impact on maintenance fees.  


5 Riverside Towers

Cooperative - Binghamton, NY

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